Trevor M. Pierce works across the country as a music director, vocal coach, and freelance pianist.  Based in Manhattan, he is also a skilled arranger/orchestrator, keyboard programmer, and pit musician, and thus works in various musical capacities with various regional theaters and touring companies.

Born in Washington DC, Trevor spent his childhood falling in love with music in Connecticut, where his middle school drama teacher introduced him to the wonderful and powerful medium of theatre.  He has received classical music training for both piano and voice (bel canto), and now applies this knowledge to his teaching and direction.  A former performer, Trevor understands the importance of storytelling through music and strives to find honesty and clarity of thought in his direction.  He forges bonds with his actors in an attempt to help them connect to material in a way that eases fears and promotes exploration.  In addition to professional productions, Trevor is an avid educator and spends time coaching and training young theatre professionals.  He challenges his students to meld vocal technique and intellectual thought in order to deliver strong and emotionally connected performances.

"It is by doing theatre and loving music that I've learned the most about myself.  When working in collaborative environments, we can travel to different worlds and submerge ourselves in something so powerful that it transforms us.  I love nothing more than to tell stories and watch people become invested in works of art, and for that reason alone, I will continue to press forward into this inspiring community."

BA in Music & Theatre, University of Pennsylvania