A warm wave of perfect harmony splashed over the audience.
— OnStageMag.com
The music was sweet and upbeat... a pleasant night of musical theatre, deftly directed and performed.
— StageMagazine.com
I just saw a lovely production [of Seussical] a couple of weeks ago at the Gallery Players in Brooklyn. It had that sense of play that we always had in that first reading and in the workshop.
— Stephen Flaherty, Playbill.com
Trevor is pure passion. He loves music, he loves people, he loves stories, and he loves collaboration. To have his energy, skills, and friendship in my life as a creative, musician, and person is a gift beyond words. Every time we work together, I learn something new, I reach new heights I didn’t think I could, I laugh so heartily my belly hurts, and I deepen my trust in him to levels I didn’t know were possible. Trevor is an asset to every room he enters and to work with him is to work with the best.
— Samantha Joy Pearlman, AEA Performer & Teaching Artist, www.samanthajoypearlman.com
Trevor Pierce is the type of Music Director that would be a valuable asset to any company. He is extremely knowledgeable in both Vocal and Orchestral Direction and has proven that he can deliver a polished product on both ends, while refusing to settle for mediocrity. His ability to communicate with the Artistic Team, Production Staff, and Cast is always encouraging and supportive. Trevor is focused, professional, and passionate all while making the rehearsal process positive and efficient.
— Dann Dunn, Director/Choreographer & AEA Performer, www.danndunn.net
My session with Trevor was fantastic! He was so helpful, generous, patient, supportive, and informative. His very able assistance left me feeling very confident in my ability to go into the room and kill it! I’m really grateful for his help.
— Audition Hero Testimonials
Without a weak link in the cast (and a remarkably confident orchestra), [the] Eagle Theatre is clearly on a new level.
— Philadelphia Inquirer
Another talent... [is] the highly talented pianist, Trevor Pierce. Refreshing is his proficiency and artistic aptitude in the multi-tasking role of accompanying and directing an assembled collection of talented actors.
— CatskillChronicle.com
Trevor Pierce has become my go-to piano man! He’s a life savior in creating arrangements for cabaret, music directing, and catering to a variety of musical styles with ease. I feel completely safe when he is at the keys and a strong relationship with the music; Trevor listens and is with you in the moment- a very valuable trait, especially in the cabaret world. I have also had the pleasure to work with Trevor on the creative team for CAMP WALNUT at the Walnut Street Theatre. As an assistant music director, he went above and beyond his responsibilities to make for the best productions possible. Bottom line, he is a true blue professional, ridiculously hard working, full of surprises and insight, and will always go the extra mile: a dream to work with!
— Tara Tagliaferro, Philadelphia Based Actress and Teaching Artist, www.taratag.com
Trevor is truly a pleasure to work with. He is an intelligent, insightful, and confident artist. He is always willing to collaborate and always eager to learn. [He] served as my musical director for the Philadelphia premier of Pasek and Paul’s Edges at the 2012 Fringe festival, and [his] ear for sound design and skill in its application was instrumental in ensuring that our instruments and equipment sounded their best in a small and difficult space in which to stage a musical. I give my strongest recommendation and support for Trevor Pierce in all of his future theatrical endeavors.
— Ben Smallen, Philadelphia Director/Actor/Theatre Educator